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Automated Retail Kiosks & Innovative Vending Equipment


Toujours Ouvert provides a modern and practical automatic retail experience for your customers.

We import and customize automated vending machines for companies and business in Canada.

Custom Vending Machine Québec Ontario Canada

Expand your product's reach

Expand sales channels and brand visibility by placing an Automated Retail Kiosk in Malls, Airports, Universities or simply outdoors.

Custom Vending Machine Québec Ontario Canada

Unlimited Access for your customers

Operate 24h accepting all payment methods with significantly reduced operating costs.

Custom Vending Machine Québec Ontario Canada

Real-Time Monitoring

Monitor sales, machine status and change pricing in Real-Time thanks to our Online tool & Managing software.

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PIZZA Vending Machine Dispenses Hot or Frozen PIZZAs

  • Stores up to 4 varieties of PIZZA (20 each) max 80
  • Pre-cooked PIZZAS can be stored frozen
  • Customers can decide to buy frozen and take away or warm up immediately
  • Real Time Sales & Inventory status
  • Guaranteed​ High-Quality Pizza made in professional facilities
  • Made in Italy​
Pizza Vending Machine Québec Ontario Canada

*Conditions Apply

The Future Of Retail

Automatic vending machines are clearly the future of retail and the new way of doing business. This is an ingenious way of displaying and making your products available to clients without the cost of human labour.

At Toujours Ouvert (Always Open), we provide retailers and businesses with the ideal solution for distributing their merchandise to customers almost anywhere and at any time.

Our automated vending machines can sell a wide variety of products :

  • Drinks
  • Frozen Products
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Electronics
  • Cupcakes
  • Jewelry
  • Anything else

A new way of selling your merchandise

Custom Vending Machine Québec Ontario Canada
Automated Retail Québec Ontario Canada

A Wide Range of Modern Machines

As a leader in automated vending machines, Toujours Ouvert helps you connect with customers 24/7. We have a wide range of modern vending machines with different capacities, product options and designs.

Our equipment is made of the most modern technology and varies from small, medium to large. Some of the machines even have a display of all the data related to the products offered for sale.

We also have a range of modern pizza distributor with a built-in microwave for immediate consumption. Our Italian Gelato Ice Cream Vending Machine is the first machine of its kind to make fresh ice cream on the spot!